Our Hearing Service

Focus Medical Eye Centre now provide a full Hearing Service with the assistance of Worthington Hearing.


Message from Mr Worthington

For nearly 20 years I have been assisting people who require hearing services, I have been involved in the training of audiologists throughout the UK both within the private sector and also working with the NHS. My Company (Worthington Hearing) offers a patient focussed hearing service. I am a family man with family values and you will see this in the way I work.

I value patient feedback and as such I would request that you please let me know if you feel I can add value to my service in any way. I offer a full hearing service, from advice on purchasing hearing aids to Tinnitus support to Wax removal via Micro-suction. When you attend my clinics you can be assured of the best advice possible. Patients purchase from me because they value my advice and they know that they will always receive fantastic value for money and the best products available today.

I am not part of a large national organisation, I am an independent Company dedicated to offering a great service locally. By all means visit other companies and seek their advice and service and then please arrange an appointment to come to see me – you will notice the difference.

Peter J Worthington M.S.H.A.A  H.A.D


Our Hearing Service

We believe that your hearing is just as important as your sight and should be treated the same, “you should look after your hearing in the same way you look after your eyes”. We recommend regular annual ‘Hearing Health Checks’ for everyone over 40 years of age, and these are provided free of charge at Focus Medical Eye Centre.

Our associate, Mr Worthington - in conjunction with ourselves - will be offering a patient focussed, professional Hearing Service at our practice as follows:

  • Our staff are now trained and are able to offer Free Hearing Screening Checks at all times
  • Full Hearing Health Check by Mr Worthington; book your free consultation today
  • Provision of Private Hearing aids: with newest technology available
    • Pair of digital, programmable hearing aids for just £795
    • OR top of the range (we can provide some of the best products available in the UK today) e.g. they link in with all sound devices around the home including your mobile phone
    • Invisible deep in the canal aids
    • Receiver in the ear (open fit hearing aids)
  • Hearing aid accessories: Batteries, Wax guards, Remote controls etc.
  • All make service and repair
  • Tinnitus range of aidable devices and accessories
  • Tinnitus advice and management by a BTA (British Tinnitus Association) professional: Mr Worthington
  • Micro-suction wax removal; painless procedure, usually wax removed relatively quickly
  • Ear/hearing protection & Noise management: Swimming, Flying, Sleeping, Shooting, Musicians and overall Noise protection for home or industry

For any of the Hearing Services we can book you an appointment to speak to Mr Worthington. Please contact to arrange, there is no charge for the consultations or advice and certainly no obligation to purchase, so why not book for your free hearing review.

What happens at a ‘Hearing Health Check Consultation?’

  1. Case history: Mr Worthington needs to understand your medical history e.g. problems in relation to tinnitus, vertigo, wax, infections or other medical information relating to your hearing, as well as your lifestyle and occupation. Do you feel you actually have any hearing difficulties or not? If yes, when this is noticed most? Have you worn any hearing aids before? The specific situations when you would like to hear better?
  2. Otoscopy check: An otoscope provides the ability to look inside your ears to assess their health, and check for any problems or abnormalities of the ear.
  3. Audiometry: Checking your actual hearing with an audiometer. This will establish how well you can hear. By playing different tones to you - to determine your actual level of hearing.
  4. Explanation of the result: Mr Worthington feels that it is very important that everyone he sees fully understands their hearing results together with any implications. Therefore, he will ensure that he takes the necessary time to explain the results at the end of the test. If your Full Hearing Health Check determines that a hearing loss is present Mr Worthington will explain all the options open to you and advise you of the most appropriate solution.
  5. Should the results require it, you will be shown and fitted with a trial hearing aid system corresponding to your hearing loss. This is to assess the benefit of hearing aids to you personally.

What is a hearing loss?

One in six people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing. In the main this is due to a gradual deterioration of hearing as part of the ageing process. Deafness caused by ageing cannot be cured, but hearing aids can make a big difference, so making life less stressful and allowing you to communicate more easily once again.

There are 3 types of hearing loss – conductive, sensorineural or a mix of both.

Conductive hearing loss: is when sounds are not able to pass easily to the inner ear. This may be due to a blockage in the outer or middle ear, such as excessive ear wax or as a result of some abnormality in the structure of the middle or outer ear e.g. a narrowing of the ear canal or a perforated eardrum or the bones in the middle ear (Malleus, Incus and Stapes) can become less mobile (otosclerosis), so they do not vibrate normally and the sounds sent to the cochlea may be distorted or attenuated.

Sensorineural hearing loss: is the result of damage to the hair cells within the cochlea or damage to the hearing nerve (or both). This normally occurs naturally as part of the ageing process (age-related hearing loss is known as presbycusis) – but there are many things that cause sensorineural hearing loss, or add to it e.g:

  • Regular and prolonged exposure to loud sounds e.g. work related or loud music
  • Genetics – some people are especially prone to hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss can reduce the sound volume that you hear and distort those sounds so making it difficult to understand speech. Sensorineural hearing loss is irreversible and cannot be cured.

Mixed: it is possible to have both types of hearing loss present at the same time – something called a 'mixed' hearing loss.

Mr Worthington will carry out a full review and inform you of the results of his Hearing Health Check.

Wax removal

  • Initially your ears will be checked for wax
  • Any wax found can usually be removed by micro suction which is painless and usually relatively quick
  • Appointments available usually within days of your enquiry
  • Cost: £50 for one ear and £70 for 2
    • Home visits £30 additional charge



Hearing aids

We understand that buying a hearing aid can be a big decision and Worthington Hearing will are here to assist you and to discuss the options available to you.

All of our hearing aids sold come with a minimum 2 year guarantee and are digital & programmable. They will provide high quality amplification and excellent sound processing.

There are several different types of hearing aids (shown below), this particular group of aids are all wireless i.e. when wearing 2 aids they work with each other wirelessly.

RIC / Receiver in Canal: (on the left in the picture). One of the most popular styles, they are small, discreet and come in a range of designs and colours, including ones that can match your skin tone. The body of the hearing aid sits behind the ear, while the speaker sits in the ear canal, making for a smoother, sharper, more natural sound.

ITE / In the Ear: (see the central aid in picture). These hearing aids sit in the shell of the ear rather than the canal. They come in colours that blend in with your natural skin tone, and use a custom-made mould giving greater comfort and security

CIC / Completely in Canal: (smallest aid in the picture). Very discreet hearing aid, the entire aid sits inside your ear canal, making it all but invisible. A custom-made mould is taken of the inside of your ear, making them extremely comfortable and secure.

IIC / Invisible In Canal: The most discreet Hearing Aid currently available on the market today. Custom made moulds are taken deeper in the ear canal than a CIC Hearing Aid. This allows the IIC to become effectively invisible.


BTE / Behind the Ear: (on the right in the picture). The best known style of hearing aid (usually offered by NHS), they sit behind the ear. The sound is transmitted down a tube that connects to a custom-made mould inside the ear. This design means it can provide a lot of power and can handle just about any type of hearing loss.

A Lifetime of Aftercare

Deciding to buy a hearing aid is only the beginning of your relationship with Worthington Hearing. We will be here for you if you have any queries or questions and if necessary you can always book an appointment to discuss further so we can assist and advise you on your hearing journey.

We know that when you purchase aids (especially if this is your first time), you will need to understand your new hearing system i.e. learning/adjusting to hearing sounds again that previously you were not able to hear, hearing in background noise and being in conversations again without having to strain to hear the words properly/clearly.

Rehabilitation is a vital part of the process, as adjusting to the new and different sounds you are hearing does take a little time. When you first receive your hearing aids you will need to gradually build up the amount of time you wear them. This is where expert help and advice is essential. You will be invited back to see Mr Worthington within six weeks of your hearing aid fitting so he will be able to make any adjustments based on your comments, and answer any questions you may have.

Hearing aid wearers understandably become very reliant on their hearing aids to help them in their daily life. As such, it is important that you are able to get immediate help should you encounter difficulties. Apart from our High Street presence with regular clinics, you can also ring us to discuss queries and we will do all we can to deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible.