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At Focus Medical Eye Centre we provide an Eye Care Scheme for corporations and businesses from all Sussex. Why not join us today?

Looking after your employees can be a costly and time consuming requirement. To help companies save time and money, Focus Medical Eye Centre have their own Corporate Eye Care Scheme that offers reduced price Corporate eye tests along with additional benefits and discounts.

The 1992 Health and Safety Regulations (display screen equipment) require that if an employee uses a computer screen (VDU) then the employer must provide eye tests at regular intervals and provide necessary corrective eyewear for their employees’ work.

Focus Medical Eye Centre Eye Care Scheme is simple to manage, free to set up, and offers fixed price discounts on eye tests, glasses, and lenses.

Your Corporate Eye Care Scheme includes:

  • Full eye examination and health check by our qualified Optometrists
  • Follow up eye tests, the time of which will depend on the individual circumstances and recommendation given by the Optometrist.
  • VDU corrective spectacles, if required

The Eye Examination

Our corporate eye examination, including retinal photography, is only £25.00.

Our fully qualified Optometrists will conduct a thorough eye examination to establish the standard of your employee’s eye sight and ocular health. This includes:

  • Both interior and exterior examinations of the eyes including extra ocular muscle functions test
  • Retinal photography for detection of various eye diseases, including diabetes, cataracts and macular degeneration
  • Internal eye pressure check
  • Visual fields screening (if required)

VDU Glasses

Complete pair of VDU glasses for £60 – should your employee choose a higher value frame or require upgraded lenses, they will receive a £60 discount through the Corporate Eye Care Scheme and have to pay the balance.

Complete pair of safety glasses from £120 – we supply a complete pair of single vision, plastic lens safety glasses for working professionals and tradesman that comply with British Standards (European Standard EN 166)

The Journey

Application – to apply for Focus Medical Eye Centre Eye Care Scheme simply contact us, and you can either pick up a Corporate pack in practice, or we can send one out to you.

Account Setup – on receipt of your completed Form 1, we will set up an account for you. We will not ask you to sign a contract for any length of time or number of examinations to be performed.

Eye Examination Appointment – You then can print off Form 2 and 3 acting as authorisation for the examination and a report for our Optometrist to fill in after the examination has been performed. Your employee should bring both forms to their appointment.

Purchasing Spectacles – once your employee’s examination is complete, the Optometrist will determine if there is a need for spectacles, and if there is a prescription specifically for VDU use or if modified spectacles are required for VDU use (varifocal and vocational lenses). If this is the case, they will be able to choose from a range of value frames in practice. We will then invoice you for the agreed level of provision you have authorised in Form 2.

How The System Works

  • On receipt of this package, if you wish to go ahead with us, simply fill in and return the contact details sheet – form 1 in the envelope provided.
  • You need to decide what you are willing to pay for your employees, from the basic option upwards. On form 1 please fill in your choices.
  • If you would prefer a face to face meeting please contact our practice manager Kirsty Saunders to arrange. You will be able to look around our practice and ask any relevant questions.
  • Please note that if you choose to send your employees to us for their eye examinations we do not ask you to sign a contract for any length of time or number of examinations performed.
  • We will write back to confirm acceptance of your details.
  • Your employees can book their own appointments or your personnel department may wish to do it on their behalf. They can come in for block bookings or individual appointments, this is your choice.
  • You may wish to create a request form for an eye examination – form 2 is a sample of this – if so, your employee needs to bring it to the eye examination.
  • You may also wish to have a report of their examination – form 3 is a sample of this – if so, your employee brings that too.
  • We invoice you for the examination and any spectacles dispensed.
  • We send a reminder to your employee when their next examination is due, usually after two years.

Prices and Levels of Employer Contribution

Our contracted fee for an employee is £25.00 for a comprehensive examination in our practice. This equates to a £10.00 saving for the employer off the standard private eye examination fee of £35.00.

A pair of spectacles for VDU use cost £60.00 for single vision. This also provides a saving of £15.00 off the standard price of £75.00. This is the minimum requirement that you as an employer are obliged to meet, and is only necessary for a small percentage of the population. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the need for a VDU prescription is due to the way the eye ages. This type of correction will therefore generally be needed for people from the age of 40 years or older.

Employees who wear spectacles full time including for VDU use are not automatically entitled to have them paid for by their employer unless the spectacles have been modified specifically for VDU use ie Vocational and Varifocal lenses.

Basic Level - The minimum that you need to meet

  • Eye Examination £25.00
  • Basic VDU glasses including Frame £60.00 (Employees can top-up if they prefer a higher value frame)

You may provide more than the minimum if you wish to improve your employee benefits package. It is your decision as the employer to provide what you feel is appropriate for your employees.

The following are prices for upgraded lenses and frames and this is at your discretion if you want to contribute beyond your minimum requirement:

      Bifocal Lense - from £110.00 including frame and lenses

      Vocational Lenses - from £135.00 including frame and lenses

      Varifocal Lenses - from £160.00 including frame and lenses

      Private Frames - from £25 up to £400.00

Bifocal lenses have a distance and reading area.
Vocational lenses have an intermediate (computer distance) and reading area.
Varifocals have a far distance, intermediate and reading area.

Your particular industry may also require you to provide safety spectacles for your employees. These start at £120.00 for single vision plastic lenses with a basic frame. This is your minimum requirement, and we can advise you on this separately if necessary.

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